Display live Slideshow at your party

Whether it’s at your event party, pub or disco... celebrate it with Hashslider!

What is it?

Hashslider generates a real-time slideshow with photos and videos taken at your event.

Only parties?

No matter what kind of event you do, it will fit perfectly in weddings, concerts, conferences, congresses, birthdays or any event you can imagine.


Hashslider is free and easy to use. Set your slideshow in a few steps and start enjoying!

How to set up your social party feed

Set up a social wall to collect every moment from your party that is posted with your party hashtag.

Spread the word and inform your guests about your party hashtag and how they can participate to make your party totally memorable.

Take selfies, pictures and videos and encourage your guests to do the same. Post them to Twitter, Instagram or any other supported channel with your personal hashtag. Your social event hashtag wall will instantly show your moments on a screen at your party and afterwards, you can send the link to your wall to your guests with your personal thank you message.

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